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Garden Landscaping expert hoticulturist based in Karachi, Pakistan servicing worldwide.

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GreenWorld is home of one of the best horticulturist, architects, engineers, QA professionals and gardeners delivering outstanding results.
GreenWorld is rapidly becoming the company of choice because of its overwhelming benefits and proven suitability.
  • Services available in remote areas (special terms apply)
  • Use of durable and long lasting materials
  • Hands on approach with dedicated staff to cater all queries
  • Reduced build time thanks to advance management tools
  • Day light saving with putting in more than just 8 hours a day to deliver jobs quicker

About us

Ever since its development, GreenWorld Landscaping has been working in different fields catering to the needs of the client. The firm has been offering service in sectors such as Master Planning Landscape Management, Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The firm has established its name not only due to its public work but for privates as well. Our projects are a combination of different scales, location, and types. We work in various sectors such as Highways, Industries, Private Gardens, Public Parks and more.

We help to create a proper working environment for our clients. We aim at offering the best long-term solution to the client by investing time to determine the needs of our client regarding the design. We further proceed in our work with fine detailing that will help in creating a sustainable environment.

This approach helps to analyses the features of the Architecture and activity of the user to prepare the right landscape according to the building environment.

We offer 'design and build' deal as per the convenience of the users. Thus, professional advice and contractual services are joined together.

We have been preparing establishments including private estate and urban residences for a long time. To properly develop it, we work in close assistance with the client and analyses their lifestyle and requirements for better convenience.

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