About GreenWorld

Passion for landscaping and all that is green give us the name of GreenWorld Landscaping. We study and love making beautiful landscapes for our clients around the world. No job is too big or small and every job is a challenge to make better product for what we have done in the past keeping us on the edge of improving and providing better services as we age. With industry’s top designers, architects, engineers and more we craft award winning spaces to be loved and enjoyed for many years to come.

We focus more on our clients rather than following red tape of set rules and contracts to make long term relationship and believe a satisfied customer is the best advertisement we can have which give a shout out and better word of mouth reeling in more customers to be satisfied.

Vision & Mission

We believe in relationships and satisfying needs of our customers. Anything else comes after that. Our mission is to make as much spaces we can and add value to a home, office eventually the world. A good landscape design is utilization of a space at its fullest from changing what is to what could be.


We follow strict compliance whether it comes to HSQE or QA/QC policies. With a set of rules and a detailed SOPs we make sure that compliance is followed from start to finish of a project to ensure quality driven services to satisfy clients to maximum extent.

Ethics & Values

Doing the right thing is not we just do, that’s what we standby with as it gives return on that investment in many folds. Maybe it may cost at that time but people matter rather than something that is can be spent. Our values are what make us stand apart from the competition and makes us those people who get chosen not for bargain but kind of people we are and clients love to have around.

Why Choose us

Despite many reasons, choosing us should not be hard but what we promise is what we tend to deliver. We have raised the bar of the industry by not enabling us to do better but the whole industry in whole which is a statement as how good we are and have changed the literal landscape of the community completely.