Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?

Getting started is very easy and simple, just fill out the contact form with all the details entered in it. As soon we get the details we will give a call to schedule a meeting regarding your project. Once we set a meeting we discuss about your project and provide recommendations of what we can do for you.

How much does it costs?

Landscape design starts from Rs.100/sqft and execution depends on your budget solely. As it when it comes to plants and materials, clients demand sets the budget and we follow that to ensure best looking landscapes within the client’s budget.

How much time does it takes?

Designing a space takes around a week or two depending on the revisions and number of variations ordered. Once done we take all the permits required to initiate the job and can differ from every city/country. Execution of jobs takes around 1 week for small projects and up to 3 months for larger projects for e.g.: execution of a urban landscape or master planning of a city.

What if I need design only?

Yes, you can just order the design with us and choose the vendor of your choice. If you are out of city or country, we have partners around the world and we can recommend them and you can vet them as needed to hire or choose your own vendor to implement the design.

Do you service out of Karachi?

Yes, we service nationwide and also overseas within middle east. Logistics, Accommodation and security is to be provided by client.

Our project is not near a city?

That is not an issue, as long client is willing to provide logistics costs along with accommodation with security there is not place we can’t adapt to deliver the job as promised.

What are your terms for projects overseas?

For overseas projects we don’t have any tough terms or something. Another city, country or continent apply the same rules as we do at out our city. As mentioned above, logistics of materials and staff, their accommodation and security is responsibility of the client, other than that there is no special request for projects overseas.

What if I need changes?

Any changes are welcome in design stage or later, but the cost involved is passed on to client. Changes which don’t needs any special budget or doesn’t cost much we do them for free as a gesture of goodwill and for long term relationship to make a satisfied clientele.